MLocker, Android App to hide images for a certain time

MLocker v1.0



First App on this site!
Name: MLocker
Version: 1.2
Size: 2 MB
Platform: Android-only
Android versions supported: 4.0.3+ (ICS)
Distribution type: APK file (for now)

Description: For chastity men/women, lock your chastity device with combination lock, take a picture using the app and lock yourself! or lock yourself with a heavy duty lock and put the keys in a combination safe and let your SO take photos of the correct combination! You are only free after the specified time!

Tags: chastity, cb6000, cb6000s, android, timelock, time, lock



  1. Support for up to 20 image captures to avoid taking a blurry unreadable images
  2. No limits on holding date
  3. Built-in image viewer
  4. Export function to export images to PC/Mac, either to improve readability or save original high-res photos!
  5. 128-bit AES encryption, no way around it!
  6. Per-device unique decryption key; even if you images were stolen, ONLY you can decrypt them.

Installation tips:

Unfortunately this App is not on the Play Store, and will probably never make it past Apple’s rules, so no iOS version is planned for the time being.

To install this App on Android, you have to enable “Unknown sources” temporarily, for Ice Cream Sandwich 4.3, follow the following tutorial. Note that you need to use a filemanager to access folders on your phone, shown below is ES File Explorer (does NOT need root) but there dozens other filemanagers.

For other devices, please see:


Some users are reporting crashes on Android 6.0 and 7.0 (Nougat), I have attempted to fix the problem, please download V1.2 if you are having crashes. Sadly I wasn’t able to reproduce the crash since it works fine in 7.0 emulator.

It is a good idea to start with small intervals, don’t be overconfident!



DISCLAIMER: This app was made with good intentions and was tested thoroughly but bugs might be present, do NOT rely on it as the only release method . The author (kdev/kapplications) cannot be held responsible for damage(s) resulting from the use of this application. Do NOT download if you don’t agree with this disclaimer

Bug reports and idea suggestion are welcome!, please leave a comment or contact me.

Note: Never ever Uninstall the app while a session is active, your decryption key and encrypted images will be DESTROYED, only uninstall once finished!

Privacy: I swear on me mum :P, internet access is only used to query the time so you don’t cheat!, this App ONLY makes a connection to Wireshark the App if still unsure! Read/Write external storage obviously to read(decrypt) write(encrypt) images.

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